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Dr. Joy Canfield Psychology, Professional Corporation

​​Services for Publishing Companies and Authors

As a psychologist, author, and publisher, Dr. Joy Canfield has a unique background to share with other publishers and manufacturers of children's products.  Dr. Canfield provides consultation to publishers and authors as well as to children's toy and gift companies regarding the content and themes of their books and products for children and teens.  Echoing the work of positive psychologist, Martin Seligman,* there is a clear need to engender a "learned optimism" in our children and teens as they are developing their internal compasses.  This theme can be created in the home, schools, society, and the media.  The books we read in our youth and toys we play with as children have a tremendous influence on the core self, that is, our belief systems, values, and sense of self. We carry these characters, objects, storylines, and principles in our hip pockets throughout our lives - if not in a vivid sense, at least in the central theme of our outlooks.  There is a responsibility bestowed on publishers and manufacturers of children's entertainment products - as well as authors, educators, parents, and all of society - to assist in nurturing the soul of the child and teenager and, thereby, instill a resilience when troubles strike, a generosity when others are in need, and a security in knowing who they are becoming. In so doing, our children and teens will have the best chance they may have to find the balance in their core selves. The implications are as far reaching and infinite as perhaps in a future president's dreams of his life goals.

If you would like to discuss the consultation services that Dr. Canfield provides, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.
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Seligman, Martin E. P. (1996). The Optimistic Child: Proven Program to Safeguard Children from Depression & Build Lifelong Resilience. New York: Houghton Mifflin.