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​​​Dr. Canfield’s latest book

 Dr. Canfield's new book,  Past Relationship - Present You:  Starting Afresh with Fruits from the Old Tree  is now available. 

This short book is the tool for you if your relationship is almost in your rear view mirror.   

Canfield examines identifiers that predict positive relationships and breed life satisfaction. Each chapter will help you bring forward the good news and leave behind the negative from your relationship history. Topics addressed include: Closure, Communication, Stonewalling, Mutual Respect, Trust, Intimacy, and Love.
Cultivate your past relationship and benefit from the harvest. Learn the secret to communication. You already have what it takes!

More books by Dr. Canfield:

Be Your Foundation:  Be You.  A Psychologist's Notes to Clients - is available in print  and in eBook.   This book is a compilation of notes from Dr. Canfield to her clients written over the recent years.  ​

This compilation of notes was written initially for Dr. Canfield's clients as a set of guidelines and illustrations for their collaborative work. The chapters are aimed at offering practical suggestions and sample stories to help you assess: 

  • your core beliefs
  • your missions and goals
  • superficial stumbling blocks that may get in the way of achieving your goals
  • coping mechanisms that will assist you through day to day events as well as more major crises. 

Excerpt from Book Introduction:

Your mission in life is what drives you. Your core philosophies and principles comprise the foundation on which you stand. Though your mission may change in how you render it, your core foundation will likely remain constant and balanced. The more you demonstrate it, the more steadfast your foundation becomes.
   What exactly is your core foundation? Though it may take any number of forms and directions in its demonstration, fundamentally your foundational core is the heart and soul of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions, and interpersonal interactions. It is the force that drives you, the weave of your fabric, it is your goodness, your capacity for caring, your nature, your creativity, your spirituality, your spirit. It is driven and motivated by your core values and beliefs - it emanates from your basic self. This is the place within you in which you find security, steadfastness, solace, and inspiration. Each day you require nourishment at a basic level. This satisfying and fulfilling nourishment is harbored within your foundational self. It coordinates with your purpose for existing and thriving as a human being.

     How you demonstrate and render your foundational self is also driven by you. Although your beliefs, values, and opinions have been influenced by years of external sources, you have the final word on who you are at the foundation.