Dr. Joy Canfield

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Dr. Canfield’s latest book

Dr. Canfield's new bookBe Your Foundation:  Be You.  A Psychologist's Notes to Clients - is available in print  and in eBook.   This book is a compilation of notes from Dr. Canfield to her clients written over the recent years.  ​

This compilation of notes was written initially for Dr. Canfield's clients as a set of guidelines and illustrations for their collaborative work. The chapters are aimed at offering practical suggestions and sample stories to help you assess: 

  • your core beliefs
  • your missions and goals
  • superficial stumbling blocks that may get in the way of achieving your goals
  • coping mechanisms that will assist you through day to day events as well as more major crises. 

Excerpt from Book Introduction:

Chances are you are reading this and other resources to find some new ideas to enhance your life. Although this guide will not provide all of the answers to any of your potential questions, it will offer you ideas and stories about people with perhaps familiar circumstances that will fuel your own thought processes. This discovery process will place you in a position to make decisions. These decisions will have a positive influence on your life as you strive for personal achievement. As you develop and change, your views will develop and change also. You will do well with this process because you care enough to give it your attention and your concern. If you stumble here and there, take heart - this, too, is a critical part of human development. If you never stumbled, then you would never learn how to stabilize yourself during difficult times. Once you complete this book, use it as a reference manual and reminder of the steps to take in perpetuating the person you want to be. With a plan and a focus, you will prevail in whatever you do. 
Your mission in life is what drives you. Your core philosophies and principles comprise the foundation on which you stand. Though your mission may change in how you render it, your core foundation will likely remain constant and balanced. The more you demonstrate it, the more steadfast your foundation becomes.

How can you find equilibrium in your life? What sustains you through day to day aggravations? Why are you able to be resilient when crisis strikes? Why do people do what they do? Who is responsible for respecting our value? Where in your mind does optimism originate? The number of answers to these questions is infinite. Yet one response consistently exists, that is, your core fundamental value - your core foundation. 
What exactly is your core foundation? Though it may take any number of forms and directions in its demonstration, fundamentally your foundational core is the heart and soul of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions, and interpersonal interactions. It is the force that drives you, the weave of your fabric, it is your goodness, your capacity for caring, your nature, your creativity, your spirituality, your spirit. It is driven and motivated by your core values and beliefs - it emanates from your basic self. This is the place within you in which you find security, steadfastness, solace, and inspiration. Each day you require nourishment at a basic level. This satisfying and fulfilling nourishment is harbored within your foundational self. It coordinates with your purpose for existing and thriving as a human being. How you demonstrate and render your foundational self is also driven by you. Although your beliefs, values, and opinions have been influenced by years of external sources, you have the final word on who you are at the foundation.