What Is Coaching?

Coaching Can Be a First Step to Mental Wellness and Success

Mental Wellness Coaching assists clients in many areas including:

  • Identifying focus areas for change or development.
  • Enhancing communication skills and abilities.
  • Improving self motivation as well as the ability to motivate others.
  • Eliminating problem behavior (such as stress reactions, procrastination, disorganization.)
  • Improving leadership and interpersonal abilities.
  • Developing a plan of action that utilizes personal strengths and ambitions.
  • Assisting and supporting clients through the implementation of an action plan.
  • Refining methods and strategies for maintaining improved skills and positive behavioral changes.

Whether you are an individual seeking career advancement, a stay-at-home-mom searching for positive methods to improve your social and home life, a supervisor needing strategies for managing employees, or a college student plotting the course for your future, mental wellness consultation may be a good option for you to guide your personal or professional growth. A mental wellness professional is an objective, guiding mentor. He or she could be one of the most helpful instruments that you carry in your personal toolbox. 


Dr. Joy Canfield

Licensed Psychologist