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Message to our community: Respect for humanity is not a heavy load - it is an honor. Words become actions and actions will not slow -  incremental steps will take us to a sustainable healthy place - successive approximations, just one step at a time. We will not rest until every person can rest and feel safe.  Black lives matter - each of us can demonstrate what this statement represents through respect, trust, fairness, empathy, perspective taking, honesty, and a tone of respectful caring.  The Basics.  This is possible to give one another - every day.

Sometimes it's hard to think positively.  Some days it's just easier to focus on the negative. Mental wellness consultation is a helpful way to figure out methods to increase optimistic feelings and manage the negative by finding positive solutions for everyday problems as well as for more long term concerns. If you are hoping to make some changes in your lifestyle, your outlook, your weight, your career focus, or just make the most of who you are, a wellness approach to psychology could be helpful to you. 

Whether it be working with a psychologist, weight management consultant, coach, or an organizational development consultant, there are things you can do to find the balance in your life, elevate your levels of optimism, increase your resilience when facing challenges, and improve your overall well being. Working with a mental wellness professional could be your first step toward making the most of who you are.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your options for coaching, weight management consultation, or therapy, call Dr. Canfield’s office and we will be happy to schedule an introductory consultation. Call 212-297-6115 or e-mail  We look forward to being in contact with you.